[ the dunay family ]

I am so lucky to have met so many nice families in our new neighborhood and this is one of them. Little did I know when I spoke with Lizette about a project over a year ago, we’d end up living only a few blocks away from each other. What a beautiful family – and we couldn’t have had a more perfect Fall day for their session. Enjoy:


[ the edwards family ]

Meet my beautiful cousin Jennifer, her sweet husband Chad, and their darling little boy, Jackson (9 months). I know I am slightly biased, but I think they might have created the most adorable child on the planet. I’m so happy for you both and look forward to seeing my little pee-wee cousin grow up. Just slow down a little, buddy. Slow down.


[ the rosario family ]

We met little Mia and her Mom and Dad about 3 years ago, right after we moved to Atlanta.  They were one of the first families I worked with here after they won a Letter B session at a school fundraiser. They are such a kind family, very thoughtful, and their Mia couldn’t be any sweeter. Lucky for us, Mia became a good friend to our littlest, Siena, after they started attending the same preschool. Sadly they no longer attend the same school, but we are happy to visit when time allows. Enjoy your neighborhood tour, friends:

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[ the kirk family ]

I’ll admit, I am still a little unsure which one of these cute little guys is Ben and which one is Dean. Aren’t they both darling? I met their Dad, Brian, a few years ago through a mutual friend. Such a pleasure to finally meet his beautiful wife and two adorable children. I loved working with you, Kirk Family!


[ baby marisol ]

It’s always an honor to be called upon multiple times to photograph a family as they grow. The first time I worked with this sweet couple, they were expecting their first child, who is already about to turn two at the end of this month. Now, baby girl number two has arrived! Such a beautiful little family. Welcome to the world, sweet little Marisol. You are a lucky little lady. And Happy Birthday to you, Mariela!