[ spencer ]

Does this little guy have personality, or what?! You may be wondering what he was belting out of those little lungs. I bet you never would have guessed “Thrift Shop” followed by an amazing solo of “Let it Go.” Love this kid. Check him out:

[ new uniform ]

Need a new website developed? A new brand? Help with your social media? Enter Josh Murphy and David MacCarroll, founders of New Uniform Design. These guys have it in the bag. How do I know? Not only are their website designs fresh and highly functional, but they also created Letter B’s new logo, which is perfect and exactly what I was looking for.

I went to New Uniform last week and snapped a few shots of their clean and fun new space in the Parkside Piedmont building (adjacent to Piedmont Park.) I encourage you to keep them in mind for your branding and interactive needs. You can check out their work here.


[ emma lynde ]

I saw a dog “photo booth” post somewhere else earlier today and it inspired me to do some pet portraits. My friend Holly volunteered her adorable pooch, Emma, who is one of my all time favorite canines. It’s a been a while since a fur baby was my only subject – the last doggie sessions I can remember doing were for two dear friends in Tampa, Florida, years ago. Emma was a fun break from my usual subjects, although just as challenging to commandeer. I love how ferocious she looks in the two side-by-side images. She was just yawning.

[ baby jackson ]

What an honor to photograph not one, but two, of my baby cousins this winter. Meet Jackson Baum Edwards, born January 30th, to my beautiful cousin Jennifer and her amazing hubby, Chad. Congratulations you two – you are going to make wonderful parents.