[ richard and nora ]

Such fun to see this family again! I photographed Richard when he wasn’t even one year old then his sister, Nora, right after she was born. What a pleasure to see them both talking and walking (er, running) all over the place. There is some serious sibling love going on between these two!


[ avery madison ]

I’d like to introduce Avery Madison, who was only 6 days old for her newborn session. She was so expressive when she was awake (and asleep) and I was so happy to capture some of those sweet moments. And can you believe her hair?! If only we could all be so lucky. Avery definitely “wins” for the fullest head of hair on any newborn I’ve photographed. Just gorgeous! Enjoy:


[ spencer ]

This is my third time working with Spencer. I just love this little guy. He is completely busting with personality and is always so well-mannered. (Look how little he was at our first session here). Spencer rides the adorable heart-embellished pony, Whymsical, at Chastain Horse Park. He is SO good with her. The cute pup you see is named, Winston, and I fell in love with him, too. Enjoy:


[ the castro family ]

When I came home from this shoot, my husband asked me how it went. I said, “I wish they were our neighbors.” The Castro’s are seriously some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. They were all so laid back, happy, and playful with each other during their session. I think these photos show how they really are and I love that.

Side note: Beth Castro is the owner of Mae’s Bakery in Buckhead in the Lenox Village shopping center. If you haven’t been, you should check them out. They offer some seriously divine treats, savories, and Counter Culture Coffee. Oh, and guess who Beth named the bakery after? Yep, their beautiful daughter, Mae.


[ mary wyman, 7 ]

Ya’ll know how much I love freckles, so this sweet little girl was a dream to photograph. Her Mom told me upon arrival that she did her own hair, nails, and even picked out her own outfit. I think she did a FABULOUS job! I love that she read “The Day the Crayons Quit” aloud while in the comfort of her playroom (one of my favorite books to read with our girls.) Enjoy: