It was a true honor to capture the Team Hidi Event on Sunday and be a very small part of something so very big. If you find yourself on this page, please know you are free to download any images you find in this link, share them, print them, Facebook share or tweet them, whatever. These are a gift to Jen and Ryan, their friends, and their family. xo, Erika Botfeld

4 thoughts on “TeamHidi_Fundraiser_012713

  1. Erika, I love love love the pictures! Thank you so much for sharing!! You are amazing to be there capturing so many who care and love this amazing couple!! XO

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  3. Erika, you completely captured the LOVE all over the place. This was single-handled the MOST incredible thing I have ever done. Thank you for relaying all the things I missed and was apart of.
    I Love black & white photos. My mother took classes and learned using black & white film. I’ve been in awe ever since.
    Team Hidi forever!
    I think everyone left uplifted.
    What a great day, time, event, and purpose!

  4. erika,
    a deep and heartfelt “thank-you” for truly capturing the essence of this unbelieveable evening! yours, as well as countless others efforts made this benefit one of the greatest acts of love, kindness and generosity i have ever been witness to. as ryans father i am deeply and forever indebted to you all for the “life blood” you have provided him.

    you are all amazing people! and i speak for the entire hidinger family when i say… We Love You All!

    warmest regards,
    mark hidinger

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