[ courtney and brent : engaged ]

Meet Courtney and Brent. They are getting married in November in Micanopy, FL. Unless you have spent a good amount of time in Florida, you likely have no idea how to pronounce Micanopy ("mick-a-no-pee") and even less of a clue where it is (hint: it's near Gainesville.) Courtney is a friend and the only person other than family we've trusted with our children overnight. (My girls loooove her.) And Brent is Courtney's pin-curled manly man. But as you can see, he isn't afraid to mix a purple button-down with cowboy boots. And I must say, I think he rocks it.

Oh and how can I forget Woody, their 7-month old English pointer. Shooting Woody was a bit of a challenge (think: trying to give a cat a bath.) However, I fell in love with him and really did consider pet-napping him after this shoot.

I love these images and how much their personality shines in their outfits and this beautiful location, where they are clearly very comfortable.