[ ava and snow day ]

What a fun session this was! I have never been around horses – really, ever. I love the look I got from Ava when I asked her to "hold his leash." Ha, silly photographer lady. There is nothing quite like watching a little girl around her horse. Snow Day was quite cooperative, too, thankfully. I'm very grateful Ava and her Mom told me it's a no-no to walk behind a horse, right before I walked behind a horse. Enjoy: LBD_8352LBD_8412LBD_8073LBD_8075LBD_8108LBD_8094LBD_8114LBD_8144LBD_8164LBD_8130LBD_8242LBD_8252LBD_8256LBD_8258LBD_8278LBD_8309LBD_8323LBD_8347LBD_8396LBD_8316LBD_8374LBD_8390