[ brayden at 6 months ]

I can't get over this baby. I don't think he cried once during his session, even after tipping over a few times onto his noggin – what a sweetheart. I can't believe he's six months old already. It seems like yesterday I was smooshing him into a little basket for his newborn photos! Have a wonderful holiday with your most perfect gift, Kaufman Family. (I love how Brayden is "crushing my head" in the photo towards the end. "I crush you, Photographer Lady." Ha!)


[ the gatlin williams family ]

Wow, I love these so much. Maybe it's because of all the beautiful fall colors and scenery or maybe it's just because I adore this family. Happy Holidays Gray, Scott, and Reed! Always a pleasure working with you all – especially your sweet and gorgeous daughter. LBC_0452LBC_0455LBC_0484LBC_0477LBC_0497LBC_0485LBC_0543LBC_0563LBC_0558LBC_0649LBC_0632LBC_0613LBC_0703LBC_0719LBC_0757LBC_0784LBC_0823LBC_0858


[ ava and snow day ]

What a fun session this was! I have never been around horses – really, ever. I love the look I got from Ava when I asked her to "hold his leash." Ha, silly photographer lady. There is nothing quite like watching a little girl around her horse. Snow Day was quite cooperative, too, thankfully. I'm very grateful Ava and her Mom told me it's a no-no to walk behind a horse, right before I walked behind a horse. Enjoy: LBD_8352LBD_8412LBD_8073LBD_8075LBD_8108LBD_8094LBD_8114LBD_8144LBD_8164LBD_8130LBD_8242LBD_8252LBD_8256LBD_8258LBD_8278LBD_8309LBD_8323LBD_8347LBD_8396LBD_8316LBD_8374LBD_8390

[ the edwards family ]

Meet my beautiful cousin Jennifer, her sweet husband Chad, and their darling little boy, Jackson (9 months). I know I am slightly biased, but I think they might have created the most adorable child on the planet. I'm so happy for you both and look forward to seeing my little pee-wee cousin grow up. Just slow down a little, buddy. Slow down. LBD_7856_FINALLBD_7866_FINALLBD_7917_FINALLBD_7887_FINALLBD_7819_FINALLBD_7998_FINALLBD_7943_FINALLBD_7794_FINALLBD_7894_FINAL

[ the rosario family ]

We met little Mia and her Mom and Dad about 3 years ago, right after we moved to Atlanta.  They were one of the first families I worked with here after they won a Letter B session at a school fundraiser. They are such a kind family, very thoughtful, and their Mia couldn't be any sweeter. Lucky for us, Mia became a good friend to our littlest, Siena, after they started attending the same preschool. Sadly they no longer attend the same school, but we are happy to visit when time allows. Enjoy your neighborhood tour, friends: LBD_6700LBD_6747LBD_6883LBD_6892LBD_6974LBD_6876LBD_6998LBD_6997LBD_6995LBD_7080

[ baby marisol ]

It's always an honor to be called upon multiple times to photograph a family as they grow. The first time I worked with this sweet couple, they were expecting their first child, who is already about to turn two at the end of this month. Now, baby girl number two has arrived! Such a beautiful little family. Welcome to the world, sweet little Marisol. You are a lucky little lady. And Happy Birthday to you, Mariela! LBD_5727LBD_5778LBD_5846LBD_5986_MODLBD_5946LBD_5956_CROPLBD_5918LBD_6016LBD_6045LBD_6062LBD_6064LBD_6076

[ charlie and brooke ]

Just look at these cute faces. These two were so sweet and "chill" – such a pleasure to work with. (Granted, they are older and don't tend run away like the 4 & under bunch, ha). I love that Brooke wanted to show off her gymnastics skills ("Can I get one of me leaping?") And I just swooned at how politely Charlie asked if he could take a picture with my camera. "Is that a tripod clip?" Charlie, you really know your stuff. Follow your dreams, sweet kiddos. LBD_5347LBD_5263LBD_5401LBD_5441LBD_5306LBD_5295LBD_5532LBD_5467LBD_5575LBD_5548

[ baby mabel ]

Always a pleasure to work with this sweet family. It seems like yesterday I was photographing their first born, Daniel, who is now a proud big brother. And now, I have the pleasure of introducing you to his sweet little sister, Mabel, born September 3rd and weighing just shy of 6 lbs. Welcome to the world, little darlin'. LBD_4232LBD_4238LBD_4265LBD_4295LBD_4319LBD_4408LBD_4402

[ brittany and audrey mae ]

I am so pleased to introduce you to sweet Audrey Mae and her beautiful mama, Brittany. I am so excited and happy for this family! During Audrey's shoot, Brittany referred to her as their little "miracle baby," and I'll tell you why: At 36, Brittany was diagnosed with Aggressive Invasive Breast Cancer during her pregnancy and underwent chemotherapy – all while pregnant.

Until I met Brittany, I didn't even know it was possible to safely undergo chemotherapy while carrying a child (a miracle in itself). Not to mention, I simply cannot imagine everything that must've rocketed through Brittany's head after receiving that dreaded phone call with her biopsy results. At that time, she was already a mother of two and had just quit her fast-paced advertising job to become a stay-at-home-mom.

I have been thinking a lot about Brittany leading up to her shoot and check her blog and Facebook page regularly for updates. And yesterday, I saw a post with some very exciting news. Brittany's recent PET scan showed the cancer has not spread to other places in her body. While Brittany may have a long road ahead (she'll be starting more chemo next week, bless her heart), that road is filled with optimism and remarkable bravery. Brittany, you are unbelievably inspiring!

I know Brittany would want me to share this with you:

"People ask how they can help and there are two ways (1) Please add us to your daily prayers and church prayer lists (2) PLEASE women, do monthly self breast exams and everyone, please encourage your mothers, sisters, daughters, cousins, wives, friends – all the females you know (even if they are in their 20’s) to do monthly self exams and get mammograms.

STAT – There has been a 2% annual increase in invasive breast cancer in U.S. women under 40 over the last three decades. This is alarming because young women are less likely to perform regular self-exams or seek out mammograms AND cancers diagnosed in younger women are more aggressive and therefore more life-threatening. The good news is, when caught early, the disease is more manageable.
The majority of the stories I’ve heard are from women YOUNGER than me. Meaning, younger than 37!!! This is very disconcerting to me. So, I beg you to please encourage your loved ones to do monthly self exams."

If you’re interested in reading Brittany's journey so far – here is her blog: http://baldandpregnant-butstrong.blogspot.com/

#xo #teambrittany


[ baby virginia ]

I can't tell you how excited I was to work with the Franconi family and meet their sweet new addition, Virginia. As you can see, there is no shortage of beauty and love in this family. Congratulations, Genna and Pete (and Grandma and Grandpa, on their first grand baby). I know you've had three months to practice, but I can already tell you've got this baby thing down. LBD_2416LBD_2477LBD_2447LBD_2444LBD_2545LBD_2501LBD_2603LBD_2575LBD_2695LBD_2656LBD_2637LBD_2658LBD_2567LBD_2707LBD_2757LBD_2725LBD_2859

[ brooks and neiley ]

Oh gosh sometimes these new tiny babies get me all teary during the edit process. Well shoot, okay that's a lie. It happens every time! They are just sooo little and they seem to grow at what seems like the speed of light at this age. Neiley was just 4.9 pounds on her birthday (7/3/14) and her brother Brooks was just 4.2 pounds. I have never photographed babies so itsy bitsy, so these two were a record for Letter B. Anyhoo. Congratulations, Peterson Family. You were all so lovely to work with. Thank you for welcoming me into your home and allowing me to capture this special time in your lives.

[ townes turns one ]

I loved working with the Crawford's again and seeing how much little Townes has grown since his newborn session. Running around, pointing, blabbering, looking cool – he's got it all down. During his session, I was quickly reminded how often one year olds wipe out, then get up and keep on truckin' like nothing happened. Happy Birthday, Townes. You are one cute kid.

[ baby boy b ]

I am pleased to introduce you to baby boy Brayden, who came into this world on June 12th at 6 pounds, 9 ounces. Isn't he a darling little thing? He was the sweetest, sleepiest angel for our session. I am thrilled with how these turned out and I hope you enjoy them, too:

[ mae's bakery ]

I hope you'll enjoy a few sweet dreams tonight after feasting your eyes on these yummies from Mae's Bakery. Promise me you'll go try them out? Mae's is not only known for their custom made sweets and delicious savories, but also for serving Counter Culture Coffee with flair. Mae's is conveniently located on Lenox Road between Buford Hwy and Peachtree Road (same shopping center as Roasters).

[ henry ]

I have no words for how sweet this little man is. Don't ya just wanna jump in the computer and give him a hug? He is so cute with that red hair and those blue eyes, it's just impossible to stop the pitter patter. Henry's lovely mama, Kim, is the brilliant artist behind Willaby, which features handmade items for babies, toddlers, and moms. Check out her site (http://willabyhandmade.blogspot.com) and you will see why I was drawn to her irresistible products while shopping for newborn props. Her pieces are top quality, soft, and gorgeous. Keep your eyes peeled for her work at local festivals and specialty boutiques. In the meantime, enjoy this little fella:


[ spencer ]

Does this little guy have personality, or what?! You may be wondering what he was belting out of those little lungs. I bet you never would have guessed "Thrift Shop" followed by an amazing solo of "Let it Go." Love this kid. Check him out:

[ new uniform ]

Need a new website developed? A new brand? Help with your social media? Enter Josh Murphy and David MacCarroll, founders of New Uniform Design. These guys have it in the bag. How do I know? Not only are their website designs fresh and highly functional, but they also created Letter B's new logo, which is perfect and exactly what I was looking for. I went to New Uniform last week and snapped a few shots of their clean and fun new space in the Parkside Piedmont building (adjacent to Piedmont Park.) I encourage you to keep them in mind for your branding and interactive needs. You can check out their work here.


[ baby jackson ]

What an honor to photograph not one, but two, of my baby cousins this winter. Meet Jackson Baum Edwards, born January 30th, to my beautiful cousin Jennifer and her amazing hubby, Chad. Congratulations you two – you are going to make wonderful parents.