[ olivia ]

Ya’ll. What a special shoot. My first one back in Tampa — and with one of my previous clients, sweet Olivia. I first photographed her in 2010 and then again in 2011, right before we moved to Atlanta. She is so grown up now (newly 9), but is the same funny, polite, sassy little girl I remember. What a treat it was to spend time with her again and visit some places that didn’t even exist the last time we lived here. Enjoy:

[ forrest the puppy ]

Meet Baby Forrest! How freaking cute is this little fluff ball?! He's an English Retriever and was born March 1st. He weighed a whopping 6oz! He loves treats and loves to take naps (who doesn't?) I have seen photos of his Daddy and I can say without a doubt – Forrest is going to be HUGE. LBC_2166_FINAL_SMLBC_2220_FINAL_SMLBC_2189_FINAL_SMLBC_2183_FINAL_SMRESIZED JPGSLBC_2209_SMLBC_2132_FINAL_SM

[ rally foundation for childhood cancer research ]

I had the honor of photographing several child warriors a few months ago for The Rally Foundation, an incredible group of people I hold near and dear to my heart. These beautiful young ladies were chosen as models for the annual "Rally on the Runway" event, which just took place last week at the Buckhead Theater. It was an amazing and tearful event with children, siblings, parents, NFL stars, and community supporters arriving from near and far. Together they raised $245,000 for childhood cancer research! I am forever touched by the faces of these fighters and the hugs I received from each of them. Rally On, girls! #RallyOn LBC_1175 LBC_0781LBC_0526LBC_0656_FINAL_BW  LBC_0792_FINAL_BW LBC_1090 LBC_0434LBC_1213_FINAL_BWLBC_1281_FINAL_BWLBC_0974LBC_1124

[ shapiro kids ]

This session was held back in late 2015, but it is one of my favorites. I held off on posting the images as they were a surprise gift for their Dad. We had such a great time that day, hitting different spots that were complementary to each child's personality. LBC_6898_FINAL LBC_6907_FINAL LBC_6921_FINAL LBC_6994_FINAL LBC_7033_FINAL LBC_7111_FINAL LBC_7228_FINAL LBC_7255_FINAL LBC_7260_FINAL LBC_7363_FINAL

[ baby burnham ]

World, meet James Thomas, or "JT." You guys, JT is only FOUR days old and his proud parents live next door to us. Isn't he just perfect? We are so happy for you, Burnham Family! Congratulations to the best neighbors anyone could ask for. We will miss you all very much come summer. LBC_9572 LBC_9582 LBC_9626 LBC_9673 LBC_9684 LBC_9710 LBC_9714